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We are farmers and every day we strive to find new products and varieties with surprising flavours for everyone. We deliver our eco friendly products from the land to our customers’ tables.

we understand the land: we are producers

we are caretakers of the land, we harvest sustainability

Our started the journey in 1990 Most 450k Clients Satisfied With Us

Nicolas Marko

Founder of CEO


Organic & Healthy Foods Provider Farming

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What is the most bought produce?

When it comes to the most popular fruit and vegetable, Fresh Trends 2022 finds that bananas — affordable and available to all — remains the No. 1 fruit purchase, with 63% of respondents indicating they purchased the fruit in the last 12 months

Who produces 70 percent of the world's food?

One of its reports states that “small-scale farmers produce over 70% of the world's food needs.”3 In other reports it has said that smallholder and family farms (which raises issues of how these terms are defined) produce 70-80% of the world's food

Which country has no agriculture?

Gibraltar, Macau, Monaco and Singapore has no agricultural output. World's largest countries United States has only 0.9% of GDP in Agriculture Sector.

Which country has the best soil in the world?

Nearly a quarter of the world's most fertile soil, known as Chernozem, is located in Ukraine. Chernozem is black soil rich in organic matter called 'humus,' which is made up of decomposed plants. More than 65 percent of arable land in Ukraine is composed of Chernozem deposits, making it ideal for farming.